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1. In order to begin forming your major argument, you will need to do a great deal of preliminary work. You first need to read the Final Hybrid Argument and Extended Argument Sheet Download Final Hybrid Argument and Extended Argument Sheet carefully.2. Then create a formal project proposal video in which you articulate the scope and goal for your final project. In your video, persuade your audience (me and your group members) that you have a viable and interesting topic that will work for an 8 to 12 page extended argument PA. per. In order to do this, you must give your audience an idea of what you want to talk about and how you want to talk about it.
Requirements: Post a 3-5 minute proposal video that introduces your classmates to your final PA.PER topic and address the three proposal criteria sections below:1. Think about what conversations interest you, to which text(s) you wish to respond, and what questions/claims you might form within those parameters. You will want to include the following kinds of information in your proposal (you do not have to address all of these):The proposal must address all of the following questions

Provide some background information about the topic. Why write about this now? What is the ‘So What?” question? Who cared about this issue?
What do you hope to accomplish with this pa. PER/topic? Establish your interest in this topic. Describe what you hope to accomplish with this PA.  PER, that is, what you hope to prove or discover. This might take the form of a working the.sis. Why is this an important or relevant issue worthy of discussion? What made you interested in this topic? 
What is the kairotic moment or to what are you responding? Is this topic politically/socially/topically relevant to your life or the lives around you? Is this a timely topic of inquiry? How does this topic relate to local community issues faced in and around your home?
Detail the key research question(s) you anticipate. What are the claims you are thinking of making (remember the claim types we’ve been talking about including proposal, definition, resemblance, ethical/evaluative, and causal). Describe the types of examples, reasons, support, and evidence you will use to make your case. You could potentially have more than one claim if you are still undecided.
What opposition or limitations do you foresee? Challenges you might have finding sources and describe the availability of current research. What is your preliminary research plan? What kind of sources are necessary to make your argument?
What are your interview materials/questions? (if you have them, this is only for students who will use primary sources) If you are planning on interviewing someone, provide information about who you might interview. Remember–if you collect information via interviews, you must keep all of the interview recordings and notes. 

2. Who is your audience for this es.  SAY? Specifically, what community or group would be interested in the argument you are putting forward? Who is the intended audience you anticipate (i.e. NOT the general public)3. You must begin thinking about what kinds of sources you will need in order to make this argument. I want you to demonstrate some preliminary research has been completed. In the body of your discussion post, you need to include a minimum of 3 sources you plan on using in this final project. Your do not need to provide formal citations for these sources but they should be accessible so myself and your group members (i.e. a title and link is appropriate). You need to talk about these (3) sources and why you chose them in the proposal video.

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