educational traing

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educational traing

1.Non linguistic  representations help us to recall and use information every day. Think  of a topic that you understand very well and notice how many images  related to this topic you can generate in your head. Now identify a  topic with which you are familiar but that you do not understand well.  Try to generate images and notice how difficult it is.
2. Research suggests that, especially for older students, homework seems to  be positively correlated with student achievement. Even when some  parents who are opposed to homework become aware of this research, they  express strong negative feelings about homework. What do you think are  some of the reasons for these feelings? 
3. Research confirms that advance organizers are powerful when they help  students focus on what is important, not on what might be unusual. All  the different types of advance organizers described in this chapter,  however, require up-front planning on the part of the teacher. How would  you respond to a teacher who complains that there just isn’t time to  prepare the organizers? 
4. Recall personal experiences that exemplify working toward clear  objectives and being provided with regular, valuable feedback. How would  you describe the type of feedback that you received and its influence  on you? What type of feedback was not valuable or had a negative effect  on your work?  For those of you who have been completing the “Should Do”  guided notes, how does the absence of guided notes for this unit impact  you?  What are your experiences with using the guided notes

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