Existential Phenomenology

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Existential Phenomenology

An existential phenomenology is a psychological approach that involves the study of human experience. Specifically, the approach designates subjective human experiences as it replicates an individual’s values, emotions, ideas, intentions, relationships, and purposes. According to Seattle University, existential phenomenology aims at developing an in-depth, personified understanding of human beings’ existence. It studies human being’s perception of a specified phenomenon to understand the experience attained after interacting with it. It challenges the psychological and psychiatric approaches that perceive human beings in a reductionistic manner History assignment help. Generally, existential-phenomenological psychology possesses a humanistic nature which makes it challenge the modern propensity to understand human conditions through a set of slim technological lenses. With existential phenomenology, individuals can better understand the experiences and perspectives of others as it focuses on the meanings that individuals make in their lives and is reflected in their understanding and actions they take.
Existential phenomenology creates openness in individuals to make them understand the needs and lives of others by helping them in identifying and setting aside their ideological and theoretical prejudgments. According to Goolaup & Solér (2018), the concept can be applied in tourism to help understand the experiences of tourists. Specifically, it focuses on individuals’ meanings of the phenomenon being studied and thus it can add value to prior attained knowledge. The approach emphasizes how individuals perceive themselves and their external world which are crucial factors in understanding their behavior and experiences. When applying the approach to study the experiences of tourists, the participants are interviewed on the current and prior experiences while touring and their answers are later analyzed to understand the changes that occur in the structure of experience. The study mostly follows a qualitative research style and relies on interviewing the participants.

Goolaup, S., &Solér, C. (2018). Existential-phenomenology: Understanding tourists’ experiences. In Handbook of research methods for tourism and hospitality management. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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Caste Culture in India
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The Caste Culture in India
The Indian Caste Culture is among the oldest forms of social stratification with groups divided into four categories depending on their work and social duty. According to (BBC, 2019), the Indian Caste Culture is more than 3000 years old. The four categories, which are believed to originate from the Hindu God of creation, Brahma, include Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and the Shudras hierarchically. According to the culture, the upper castes enjoyed some privileges which the lower ones would not afford which to the repression of the low castes by the elite groups. The system existed for a long time and ended up fixing people into social stratifications that were difficult to escape from. However, some individuals, known as Dalits broke free from the system and managed to later hold prestigious political positions in the country. The discrimination in terms of castes was later banned and the historical injustice corrected through the provision of a level playing field for everyone especially the disadvantaged and the announcement of educational institutions and government jobs. 
Recently, the fluency of the Indian Caste Culture has declined due to the spread of secular education and increasing urbanization (Sankaran, Sekerdej & von Hecker, 2017). Specifically, in large cities, people from different castes live together and interact to the extent of intermarrying which makes the castes’ traditional power diminish. However, some aspects of the grouping are evident during elections where the castes vote as a block. One of the Caste’s cultural disadvantages is that it is unjust and regressive spreading the vices of discrimination. Additionally, the unprivileged castes remained poor and would only depend on the higher-level castes which made them suffer and remain poor for a long time. Additionally, the system made people get stuck in one caste with a predetermined occupation without any chances of change (Sankaran, Sekerdej & von Hecker, 2017). Generally, the only advantage of the system is maintaining social order since everyone understood their place and role in society. The system also offered an appropriate division of labor.

BBC. (2019). What is India’s caste system? Accessed 2nd March 2021 from https://smashingessays.com/tag/economics/ 
Sankaran, S., Sekerdej, M., & Von Hecker, U. (2017). The role of Indian caste identity and caste inconsistent norms on status representation. Frontiers in psychology, 8, 487.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
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Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Vasco Nunez de Balboa was a Spanish explorer and conquistador born in Jerez de los Caballeros in the region of Extremadura in Spain in 1475 (Biography.com, 2020). His life was made up of a family that was not wealthy although his father was a nobleman. As a young man, Balboa decided to join a Spanish expedition to South America in 1500 aiming to seek his fortune in the New World. Balboa explored the present-day Colombian coast and decided to stay on Hispaniola Island (presently Haiti and the Dominican Republic). During his stay there, Balboa got into big debts and then fled in 1510 by hiding in an expedition heading to a San Sebastian Colony at the coast of Uraba (presently Colombia). After arriving at the settlement, Balboa found out that the indigenous people had killed most of the colonists and thus convince the surviving ones to move to the west of the Gulf of Uraba. Philosophy help 
The most significant contributions of Balboa to explorations and history include heading the first stable settlement on the South American continent and being the first European to sight the Pacific Ocean’s eastern shore (History.com, 2018). When Balboa and the other colonists moved to the west of Uraba, they established a new colony, Darien, on the coast of the Isthmus of Panama. This colony became the first stable Spanish settlement in South America with Balboa being its interim governor. In Balboa’s leadership, the inhabitants of the lands were treated harshly by the Spaniards to give them gold and helpful information. After learning about the existence of a wealthy empire to the south, Balboa led an expedition across the Isthmus of Panama. He later got to the peak of a mountain and sighted the Pacific Ocean which was called the Mar del Sur by the Spaniards. Later King Ferdinand II appointed an official governor of Darien and made Balboa the governor of Panama and Coiba provinces.
Biography.com (2020). Vasco Núñez de Balboa Biography(1475–1519). Accessed 2nd March 2021 from https://historyassignmenthelp.com/about-us/our-writers/
History.com Editors. (2018).Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Accessed 2nd March 2021 from https://www.history.com/topics/exploration/vasco-nunez-de-balboa

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