Sample Work needed – Application of Continuous Quality Improvement

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Sample Work needed – Application of Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is an approach to quality control that encourages healthcare providers and professionals to reflect on their strategies and seek ways to enhance them continuously (Johnson & Sollecito, 2018). This concept has important contributions to healthcare and helps address key issues such as rising costs, low quality, and limited access. CQI calls for ongoing measures to assess the effectiveness and shortcomings of healthcare systems and activities and implement corrective actions as the assignment help suggests. Flexible planning is an important requirement in CQI implementation to allow for changes and ensure continuous improvement. 
I will utilize CQI in my current role in various ways. First, I will implement reporting mechanisms to collect feedback and help identify problems. Second, I will keep myself updated on current and emerging evidence in healthcare to help me design strategies that lower the cost of care, improve care quality, and increase access. Third, I will develop professional networks that help me continuously improve by leveraging collaboration in the healthcare environment.
I will draw upon the evidence-driven elements of CQI to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of obesity religion homework. Amidst the strain on resources in healthcare organizations, I will include preventive strategies through education to help patients improve their self-care and reduce the prevalence of obesity. This measure will reduce the burden on emergency services at my organization and prevent burnout. I will remain committed to CQI to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare organization in dealing with obesity.
A tort is a civil wrong that leads to harm or injury. This definition differentiates a tort from a crime, which entails the state or society. In line with this definition, the tort law of negligence is a civil wrong—this may be an omission or act—between parties that are not legally contracted (Faure, 2009). This law suggests that all members of society have a responsibility to take reasonable care to avoid incidents that cause harm or injury to others.
Several specific elements must be present for a wrong to qualify as a tort. One of the elements is the duty of care. This element demonstrates the responsibility that a party has regarding the need to take reasonable care to avoid incidents that cause harm or injury to another. Another element is the breach associated with the duty of care. It is necessary to demonstrate that the standards of care adopted by the offender are not adequate, leading to a breach of duty; a failure to show this association implies the absence of negligence. A common statement can help in understanding this tort: “Loser!” A party who sues due to this statement will find it hard to demonstrate negligence. History homework help indicates that the victim might use long-term influences of the statement on their lives to strengthen their case. The other elements that must be present include causation and damages. The plaintiff must have suffered some harm or injury and shoulder the burden of demonstrating that the injury or harm suffered was caused by the breach of duty (Faure, 2009). When all these elements are present, one can sue another for negligence successfully.
Johnson, J. K., & Sollecito, W. A. (2018). McLaughlin & Kaluzny’s continuous quality improvement in health care. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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