Sustainable Home Creation

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Sustainable Home Creation

Complete the “Sustainable Home Creation” 
I just wanted to post some clarification for the worksheet due on Sunday. The present column would be your current home that you live in. The future column would be your future dream home. I think we may need to rewrite the directions for the assignment a little more, so below are some step-by-step directions on how to complete the chart:

Describe your indoor living space- if you do not know the square footage of the home, you can just put how many bedrooms and bathrooms the current home has. For the future improvements section, this just wants to know if you like the current size of your home or if you would like to upsize or downsize.
For the location- briefly describe the area of your current home (geography, climate, is it located in a rural or urban area, etc.). For the future improvement section, this just wants to know if you like the current area that the home is in or if you could move, would you and where. For this section make sure to include an in-text citation for either the current or future improvement box, the rubric asks for an in-text citation in either of these boxes to help back up some of the information about the area.
For the 3 materials in your home and how to make them more sustainable, for this section we are looking more for 3 building materials (flooring, insulation, etc.) so provide 3 building materials in the current home that could be more sustainable and then in the future improvements section provide 3 examples of how they can be more sustainable. Provide an in-text citation for the future improvements section to help back up the information.
For the energy use, in the current box, list 3 items in your current home that uses a lot of energy. In the future improvement section, provide 3 ways to reduce the energy use of those items. Provide an in-text citation for the future improvement box to help back up the information.
For the water use section, provide 3 items in the home that use a lot of water and then in the future improvements section provide 3 ways to reduce the water use in the home. Provide an in-text citation in the future improvements section to help back up the information.

For this assignment, you will want to include at least 3 references and then make sure that all of your references are cited in your chart to help back up the information. The sources on page 2:
1) Read the weekly reading in the textbook
2) Id climate based on state then closest city:
3) Learn more about sustainable materials:
are not meant to be the references for the assignment, but are sources that can be used to help get started on the assignment. I will not deduct points off if you would like to use any of these sources as a reference for the worksheet. However, if you wish to use any of the sources above as actual references for the assignment, remember to include them in full APA format on the reference page and to cite them in your assignment then. Let me know if any questions come up.

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