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Develop 5 interview questions you feel you will be asked during an interview for a professional role or a role within a hospital.
Write what your response would be to each of the 5 questions you identified.
Post your questions and responses to discuss with the class. Answer the following questions in your response:

What did you learn from your classmates? What strategies will you use to prepare for an interview? 

RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES POSTS with 50 words minimum 
What are your weaknesses? 
I think one of my biggest weakness is that I will have to work on in my career is using my voice more. With hopes of being in a management position, I need to learn to speak up and how to direct others better. I tend to be a very laid back and go with the flow person, which is good, however, I need to work at excelling my ability to speak up and direct and take charge in situations where it is needed.
What are your strengths?
I am a strong leader and I lead by example. Strong and effective decision making skills that make me more equipped to solve and process difficult situations and or tasks.
Where do you see yourself in this hospital in five years?
I would love to see myself grow up the chain of command, and end up as manager of this hospital.
Would you be willing to do additional training and continue education for this position?
In order to achieve the level of career I am hoping for, I am willing to do additional training, and continuing my education if needed.
What interests me about the medical field and why I want to be a part of it?
I grew up with type one diabetes, and later got diagnoses with Lupus and Hashimoto’s. So needless to say, the healthcare field is nothing new to me. I grew up born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and there is very little medical options here for someone with complex diseases. The medical field greatly interests me because I want to be able to help people the way I was helped growing up. I would love to be running an organization, or hospital, and help staff members achieve the best productivity that they can to help patients.
What did I learn from my classmates and what strategies while I used to prepare for future interviews?
After reading responses and reading other classmates posts the last several weeks, I think the number one thing I picked up from them and learned is to look into the possibilities of graduate programs to further my education and get the most out of the career I am wanting to enter. Strategies I will use to prepare for future interviews will be simply to stay positive and be honest. Not huge strategies but I want good communication to be key when interviewing- Be honest about what my strengths and weaknesses are and where I want to be in my future career and see if it is a good fit!
Tell me about yourself. …
I began my career in retail management, but a few years ago, I was drawn to the healthcare space. I’ve always been skilled at bringing people together and working towards common goals. My experience successfully leading teams and managing stores led me to consider administration, and I’ve been building a career as driven healthcare as a team leader for the last four years.”
What made you interested in working here?
 I’d love the opportunity to work with an organization that makes a difference in people’s lives as well as a community’s well-being.
What’s your biggest strength? …
“My greatest strength is attention to detail. I’ve always been detail-oriented in my work, and it’s something I enjoy
What’s your biggest weakness? …
public speaking
What are your career goals?
I’m trying to find the appropriate time this year to enroll in graduate school after achieving my bachelor’s in healthcare administration. 



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