course project

Your supervisor needs to make sure that each of the in-service topics will be covered by someone, so she is asking the staff to communicate their topic preference. Below is the list of problems your supervisor wants the nursing staff to be able to teach older adult clients (and/or their family members) about.

Unit V Project SAD

Your submission must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Utilize at least one source for your project. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

Preparing Data for analytic solution

Your task is to provide a PDF report for the executive leaders of Acme Healthcare who are mandated to solve the problem you have selected. The report has multiple steps and will include a description of the problem area you want to focus on, the data, and how you might address the necessary challenges and possible solutions to the problem. Your report will include an Appendix to illustrate how you would modify the data dictionary and where you can put additional descriptive text or examples about how you plan to solve some of the complex ETL issues.

American Government

Your second response or critique of another student should be at least one to two paragraphs and do the following:state what you agree with; state what you might not agree with; and, add something else to the discussion.It is expected that you will be on your best netiquette when you respond to either my of other student’s responses.

Annotated Bibliography

Bar Chart comparing the average salary of your chosen career to that of 4 other careers. The bar chart should be accompanied by a paragraph that explains the data presented in the bar chart.

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